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We Sell Guitar Parts Australia !


Hello and Welcome !

Please note:

Most parts will arrive within 7 Business days . However, some stock may take up to 20 Business Days to arrive.

There is only one GuitarPartsAustralia.com If you come to our site and wish to return later.Please remember,If you dont see the GPA logo at the top of the pages, you are at the wrong site

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We make an 8 String Version of the Fender®Stringmaster® Steel Guitar Pickup. We call them "Vintsteel" Pickups. Available in sets of 2 like the old Stringmaster®

Checkout the new Mostyn "Sofala" 6 & 7 String Lap Steel Guitars

8 String lap and console steel guitars will be added here very soon/

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Mostyn Custom Guitars and Lap Steels are designed and made in Australia. They are quality instruments with much care and attention applied to the construction and finishing process.

If you are after a quality custom made guitar or Lap Steel at a really affordable price, this is where you will find it.

For details and picture click here


I am currently working on building 8 string lap steels similar to the Sofala 6 and 7 string and these will have my own 8 string pickups. We will also have 8 string single neck and double neck consoles here very soon. Stay Tuned...

 Update: Lap Steel/ Non Pedal Steel Guitar Hardware coming soon- Made in USA  We will also have 8 string stepped, cast polished aluminium keyheads with brass nuts and cast  polished aluminium bridges with round brass rod .

For info regarding parts availabity etc, just email us at admin@guitarpartsaustralia.com

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We supply guitar parts, guitar accessories, guitars, basses, lapsteels, slides, amps and more at great prices.

The parts we supply are for guitars that copy Fender® and Gibson® styles and in most cases, can be used on many famous brand guitars. Please note any specifications shown with parts listings to ensure parts will fit your guitar.

GPA machine heads,  bridges and other parts made especially for us are top quality parts at the best prices.

Lots more stuff coming , So visit often to see what's happening here at GuitarPartsAustralia.com

We stock guitar hardware and our inventory includes, machine heads for electric guitars and basses, bridges, tremelos, nuts, scratchplates (pickguards), switches, pots, knobs, cover plates, pickup mounting rings, locking nuts, strap pins, neck attachment plates, jackplates, output sockets, control plates, ferrules and more!

Guitar parts are manufactured for us and imported from asia and the quality and finish of these parts is tops.  We have been told by many customers that we are the cheapest Australian guitar parts suppliers and that the quality of the parts we sell is excellent.

These parts will fit most copies of the guitars mentioned above and also fit on most of the genuine branded guitars but not all ! If replacing a part, please check out the blueprint and specs displayed with nearly all parts we have listed here. e.g Tel-Style Bridges...some copies of certain guitars may have parts on them that vary in size to the general standard measurements. Even some of the original "genuine" branded guitars have parts that differ in size and specifications from model to model. So please make sure you are aware of our parts dimensions etc by having a close look at the measurements shown in drawings with parts listed.

We make Lap Steel Guitars (also called Non Pedal Steel Guitars or Hawaiian Steel Guitars) as well as custom guitars and Basses designed and Made in Australia. We are proud Australian manufacturers of Mostyn Custom Guitars and Lap Steel Guitars.

We are adding more products to our inventory all the time. If you are in need of parts not displayed here, please contact us at admin@guitarpartsaustralia.com . We may have the part but have not yet had the opportunity to list it.

We get heaps of emails from customers stating the quality of our parts is great and the prices are terrific! We appreciate your feedback.

Our Mission is to be able to supply Australian & New Zealand DIY & Professional Guitar Builders & Repairers with good quality parts at the best prices possible.

Parts sell real fast ! In most cases, we no sooner list them and orders come in.  We have had so much email stating that our prices are really great and best "bang for the buck" So, if a part you want is out of stock at the time of your order, we will give you the option to wait for new shipment or cancel the order. If an item is out of stock, new stock normally arrives within a reasonable time in most cases.

As mentioned above, guitar parts are manufactured for us in Asia and imported direct from manufacturer in Asia.  These parts are top quality parts that although cheap in price, are not lacking in quality. They are the parts you see on many copies of the top name guitars from the USA, and dont be surprised if that hot looking axe you just bought has these parts installed. Many (if not most) guitar manufacturers these days are using parts made in Asia. There are also top quality guitars coming from asia. From Japan, Korea and China. There's some great guitars about that have in their advertising "Designed in Australia" or "Designed in the USA" etc. Look closely and you will find that they may have been made in Korea or China. 

The word is getting around that this is the place for "fair dinkum" deals on  guitars, amps, accessories and guitar parts. We have people recommending us on guitar forums and music sites everywhere. Thanks folks !

Professional luthiers are also buying parts & supplies from us.

Our Guitar parts do not come in fancy packages with lots of glossy printing etc. The parts are made for us after the factory receives our order and each part is wrapped and sent to us in "bulk" packaging. This reduces our costs by very large amounts and thus. we are able to offer you great quality parts at the best prices.

Your parts will always be sent by mail or courier, safely wrapped for protection against mishandling of postal staff or couriers. We have had no problems so far with parts etc being damaged in transit.

If you are thinking about building your own guitar or lapsteel you must visit Martin Koch's website BuildYourGuitar.com . I have recommended this site to many new guitar builders and they all have commented that its a "must see" site.  Martin has written terrific instructional step by step guides to building your own guitars and lapsteels.

While you're here, check out "Our Friends" by clicking on link at bottom of page.

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